Joan Charmant

I must start by saying today is a nice day, the suns out and it’s not as cold as last week. That’s not important right now, so before I start drifting off topic I would like to say that after looking through some really fine pieces of art work I have been inspired by Joan Charmant. He is a contemporary artist and software engineer that lives in the south west of France in Bordeaux.

I find it a little bit hard to believe that Charmant didn’t have any virtual academic background in art and how he got inspired by UFO pictures but I guess it doesn’t take some one of a virtual academic back ground in art to make fine pieces of art.

Charmant is drawn to lots of books preferably books by authors such as Clifford Simak to Greg Egan via Phillip K Dick and many others. Shorts novels, short stories as well as sci-fi material are some of his best interests. He is fascinated by many things such as nature, technology, science and cultural differences. I too am fascinated by these things. I find them very essential in developing my knowledge in this world we live in.

Charmant seems to be trying to show us through his work how technology if vastly advancing and how it’s colliding and in some cases affecting nature. Let me just give a brief example of how he is doing this.

Here we have a picture of a landscape which was built by man using technology and then a person or create next to a flower. Now the flower is the only natural thing left and the person or creature is trying to preserve it. If you can look closer you will see helicopters in the sky possibly searching for this person or creature along with this flower. I would say they have bad intensions to whip them out. These are the kind of images Charmant creates to try make some awareness to us on how technology is colliding with nature.

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  1. LOL at the 1st sentence!

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