Joan Charmant (Matt Lakin)

Primary Artist: Joan Charmant

Secondary Artist: David Ho

Joan Charman is a French artist who produces complex and well designed montages of sourced images. She was born in 1978 and has built up excellent art skills without even studying it in her academic life. She works as a software engineer during the day and treats art as quite a relaxed subject.


Joan uses a lot of mixed techniques to create her work and  All of her work has great composition so that sometimes disturbing and impossible scenarios that she creates have a more realistic feel. In this post i have given you two examples of her work which i like the most. I especially like the sky diving cats because it is so unusual but some how the the original pictures of the cats really fit in with the piece. As you can see from this second picture of somebody sheltering underneath a bunch of mushrooms that the work is a trick of the eye and rather what you expect a fictional illustration to look like.


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