The message within

The artist who i am researching for this project is Joan Charmant and whilst i have been doing this i have been trying to read a little deeper into the messages that she is try to interlink with her work. When you look at her work you begin to notice that a lot of her motivation has come from mankind’s naivety towards the world that we live in and how we are slowly destroying it. For example: 

This image here shows a futuristic soldier trying to stop a leaking battery but when you take a look at the landscape its all baron and a waste of time. If you look at it differently it seems as though he is stopping the only green thing in the environment from escaping out. Maybe this image is meant to show how we are choking our environment from trying to change the world around us?

Another image is this one called bottom trawling. This image shows a large mechanical flying fish that has netted a large amount of humans which are being followed but a load of seagulls. This image is a twisted version of reality and shows how humans are knowingly destroying the oceans fish stocks by harvesting them in large quantities.

These images are all designed to make people think about what the human race is doing the world that we live in. I am thinking of maybe turning this into some kind of campaign which i could use for my work.

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