The Exploration of Art

With my own exploration i ventured into my imaginative minds, so don’t be surprise about my art.  My inspiration comes from Philippe Jusforgues by altering an image especially the head of a human as u can see in some of his samples. i made use of three images to illustrate how death can cheat the human race. i wish i could stop the bullet but i just cant


.jfusing Michael, Tupac and a Gun signifies their death

I will like to take you under water to show you how a chicken lives with a dolphin with sea and ocean backgrounds to flow it the environment.
Photoshop was so essential in cropping, cutting and puppet warp effects I created. Hope this gives an insight to my exploration on art.


Still on my exploration of art and I will like to show you so abstract picture of myself with two different bodies. With the help of  Photoshop i was able to jump around and insert my head into another body which is still i was inspired by Christophe Huet.I got a picture of myself and edited it in Photoshop using the lasso tool to become headless.


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