Here is a list of all the images and sound that i used through this project. It is simply just the URL source of the file and in brackets is the (Search Terms)

IMG1 OR  –  US Soldier (American Soldier)  –  Oil field (Iraq oil field) (Shell Fuel) (sign post) (m16) – (american army helmet desert camo)

IMG2 (Petrol station) (Door breaching) (apache gunship)

IMG3 (oil field),r:0,s:0&tx=44&ty=65 (fireball explosions) (british soldiers in afghanistan)

IMG4 (Abrams tank) (Abrams tank) (empty petrol station)

IMG5 (oil) (Us army combat)

IMG6 (water spray) (Mortar)

MASTER (No blood for oil)

SOUND (BBC Iraq invasion)

Paul Mounsey – North (Purchased in iTunes)

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