Editing Picture 4… Mr.Terminator..

Back to action and what better film to use then the original…


Keeping up with the Hollywood theme I decided to use terminator as I believe this is another film which has a major impact in the film world, once finding the right picture to edit on I then uploaded it to Photoshop, once on Photoshop I then started to edit the image, first separating it into two splitting up terminator and Arnold Schwarzenegger. After doing that I removed Arnold completely from the frame leaving an image of terminator by itself alone from Arnold just for now though! I then used the tool feature of smudge to replace the harsh straight-line it has caused.  After editing that I then got an original photo of my actor and slowly edited half of it and then used the smudge tool to blend it all in.

With Arnold leaving the picture I made it possible for my actor to fill in the roll…

Slowly but surely its actually coming along…

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