After looking back on my project, overall I am very pleased. With better handling of time I believe that I would have created a much better project but within time limit I had I think overall it has been a success.  Early problems which I had during the beginning of the project made time an issue for me, because of the problems I had I decided to make it as simple as possible, with me a believer that simplicity can be hugely effective as long as you get your point made.

My main idea was to re-create Philippe Jusforgues in way that the younger generation of the world would understand, his unordinary ways of editing and replacing them is a key thing in all his art work. After researching on his images I decided not to imitate him but try and use my own intuitive to do something different, something that would make people laugh and something that people would understand. This is where i came up with the term Philippe Jusforgues goes to Hollywood..

The beginning part of the project was for me to take pictures of my actors, with the idea I had in mind it was vital for my actor to re-create the poses and facial expressions I needed for the images I had in place. I also had to think about the artist’s previous work which played a crucial part in how my final projects outcome will be.  After taking the pictures I then had to look through them removing the ones that I did like and the ones that I didn’t after that was done that my next step was Photoshop.

Photoshop was a software that I was familiar with as I had used it previous times, this made it easier for me to edit my pictures as I already knew what half of the tools were for. A major help in this project was the lasso tool, this made it easier for me to edit my pictures quickly and also saved me a lot of time.  Because of the confidence I already had I did not find any difficulties during the Photoshop stage also due to the fact that I had taken my own pictures.

After Photoshop the next stage was for me to edit my pictures of premier. One again this was another program that I was familiar with which made it easy for me to work my way around. I uploaded the pictures by importing them as jpeg, once that was done I slowly placed them into the right timeline.  Once in the right timeline I added various effects such as cross to dissolve and dip to white flash. I used the white flash to add to the effect that my actor is dreaming away pretending to be in Hollywood.  For the final part I added my sounds which I had on ipod, I imported them once again in the same way as my images and then dragged it on to the audio line.

Due to using the software previously it made it much easier for me to complete this project on time. It was a very enjoyable project as it brought in Photoshop and premier as I have not used both programmes for a project which made it more interesting. I believe that due to the timing of everything i am still pleased with my final outcome as it still gives the message that Philippe Jusforgues came to Hollywood.

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