Overall i am extremely happy with the way in which this assignment has gone. It has been something that i have enjoyed all the way through. As i have used photoshop for quite a number of years now, it was a good chance to try a few new techniques and improve on parts which i already know. Ths project developed my skill at using layer blending styles and helped me perfect the art of lasso tool. Even though my attitude is quite positive to my overall outcome, it has not been easy to get there. From a very early stage i knew exactly what i wanted to do and how i wanted a number of my images to look and this was one of my downfalls. My problems came when i was sourcing my images and i found it extremely hard to find ones that i could use. In the end, because my ideas were so specific i had to resort to stock photo banks where u can download high resolution, royalty free images for a price. I used a website called ‘Dreamstime.com’ because i knew it was one of the best places around and many people in ‘industry’ recommend it. The website is very good at finding specific pictures and it is more accurate with its searches unlike google images. For instance i had spent around an hour trying to find a decent picture of a petrol garage but as soon as i used this site i got exactly what i needed. By making my images to a really good quality i think i may have shot myself in the foot when it came to putting them into the video file. Once i had imported them and compressed them down i had lost a lot of quality and my few bits of text are a lot harder to read. This may be my fault for making the images too big in the first place but even the compression from premiere would ruin most text elements. To add to this my images are all portrait so i had to make them that little bit smaller to accommodate the whole thing. This wasnt something that i could really help as it was the style that i was going for.Even though it may not be to much use, i have provided the images on my DVD aswell. My sound sequence for this project isnt as complex as my images but i am pleased with the result. It consists of an old sort of sound melody and i have mixed it with the voices of news correspondents during the iraq war. I also edited the song by changing the pitch, speed and also cut out parts that i didnt like (i.e Guitar solo). If i was to do this project again i think i may have spent a bit more time on the audio than the images. I spent soo much time making every cut and every effect perfect yet they dont really show up in the video.

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